NAPHA158[Magazine Vol.27/No.2: 2005. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Oregon’s Oaks Amusement Park is 100-years-old. Anniversary celebrations: Belmont Park’s Giant Dipper is 80-years-old, and Western Washington Fair’s ‘Puyallup’ Coaster is 70-years-old. International amusements: Dutch flying machine “Rakettoren” in the 1930s, and “Liliput-Bahn” in Breslav, Poland in 1913. Haunting memories (photos: Idora Park’s “Whacky Shack” and Conneaut Lake Park’s “Dracula’s Cave”). La Ronde’s Le Monstre is 20-years-old. Flashback to 1915 (two carousels). Coastin’ through time to 1905 (four US Figure-8 roller coasters). New York Coney Island’s 1933 fire. Fairground frolics (two photos: Festival of the Empire Exhibition in London 1911, and Exposition de Nancy in France 1909). [Front cover: Oaks Park’s Shoot-the-Chutes in 1907. Back cover: La Ronde’s Le Monstre in 1985]. [visit NAPHA]