NAPHA157[Magazine Vol.27/No.1: 2005. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Colour cover, 18 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Final farewells to Lilian Doris Thompson and William Geoffrey Thompson – Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s owners and industry legends (a 10-page special). Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Hiram Stevens Maxim’s Captive Flying Machine and 100 years of flight. Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s 2004 fires at the Grand National and Bean Street Food Court. New PTC cars complete the Grand National’s renovation. Amanda Thompson signs for new cars during IAAPA 2004. Moments with Geoffrey Thompson (detailing William Geoffrey Thompson’s unexpected surprise at IAAPA 2003). Blackpool Pleasure Beach strengthens its Board of Directors. [Front cover: William Geoffrey Thompson and Lilian Doris Thompson. Back cover: Bob Ott’s (Dorney Park’s Chief Executive Officer) letter concerning Lilian Doris Thompson]. [visit NAPHA]