NAPHA155[Magazine Vol.26/No.5: 2004. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Dorney Park is 120-years-old. Chicago’s Riverview Park − 1911 article: “name that coaster”. Carousel anniversaries: Flying Horse at Watch Hill, Rhode Island =120, and Highland Park’s Dentzel in Meridian, Mississippi =100. Flashback to 1964: Steeplechase Park closes and Cedar Point’s Blue Streak opens. Haunting memories (photos: Indiana’s Columbian Park’s “Dark Ride” in 1987, and Pennsylvania’s Rocky Springs Park’s “Pretzel Dark Ride” in 1984). Fairground frolics (Irish International Exhibition in 1907, and Exposition de Bruxelles in 1910). Arnolds Park’s three funhouses -a castle- and a maze. A look at New York Coney Island. Coastin’ through time / four roller coasters built in 1904. International amusements (“Water Chute” in Germany in 1908, and “The Grand 8 Aerien” in France in 1906). [Front cover: Dorney Park’s Thunderhawk. Back cover: Dorney Park’s Mill Chute]. [visit NAPHA]