NAPHA132[Magazine Vol.22/No.6: 2000. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: IAAPA 2000 trade show − the latest news, industry innovations and developments. The destruction of New York’s Coney Island Thunderbolt − 1925 to 17 November 2000. The Thunderbolt photographs. Coney Island’s Thunderbolt − the death of a legend. Fading memories from old postcards – Wenona Beach in Bay City, Michigan 1889-1964 including a 1917 park map. New Zealand photographs (including: “The Big Thrill” roller coaster at the South Seas Exhibition in Dunedin. Toboggan, Katzenjammer Castle and Water Chute at the 1906 Exhibition in Christchurch. Fun House and Water Chute at Wonderland at the Auckland Exposition in 1913). Archives – photograph of the Coney Island Bobs. [Front cover: Six Flags Ohio’s Villain. Back cover: Coney Island’s Thunderbolt 1925-2000]. [visit NAPHA]