NAPHA128[Magazine Vol.22/No.2: 2000. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Freedomland remembered (1959= announcement, 1960= opening, 1964= closing. +a 13-page feature detailing the history, main rides and attractions of the Bronx park. Including: Little Old New York, Old Chicago, The Great Plains, The Old Southwest, New Orleans Mardi Gras, Satellite City, the Disastrous 1964 season and an epilogue). Amusement park anniversaries − 93 worldwide parks listed. Justice Illinois’ Playland Park – a 3-page personal perspective 1970-1979. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. SeaWorld in Orlando and their Kraken roller coaster. 2000 is the International Year of the Carousel. NAPHA merchandise. [Front cover: Oregon’s Oaks Park Menagerie Carousel. Back cover: Cedar Point’s Cedar Downs Racing Derby]. [visit NAPHA]