NAPHA012[Magazine Vol.2/No.6: November-December 1980. 22x28cm − 10 Pages − 6 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Sunnyside Park Toronto: historical report 1922-1956. The Bat at Kings Island. Arrow Development Co = 33-years. Geauga Lake Park’s Flying Turns! / Arrow project scrapped. Canada’s Wonderland history. Darien Lake Park’s expansion. Huss buys Arrow. D.S. Humphrey Award. NAPHA’s top 8 wooden roller coasters in Western USA. Little England for Orlando. Marriott’s Great America’s American Eagle, The Demon, Tidal Wave, and Willard’s Whizzer. Northlands complex for Edmonton in Canada. Adventure-Kingdom in Mexico City. State-Fair Dallas. Intamin news. Willow Grove Park’s Thunderbolt roller coaster demolished. Disney-Japan for 1983. International Amusement Device’s “Z” coaster for 1981. Please write. Join NAPHA now. Texas’ Playland Park – auction planned. [Back cover: A car from Kings Island’s “Bat”]. [visit NAPHA]