NAPHA106[Magazine Vol.18/No.4: 1996. 22x28cm − 28 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Disneyland’s 40 years of adventures (a comprehensive 13-page report including the Walt Disney-signed invitation letter for the ‘Grand’ opening of Disneyland). Disney is planning a new California Park. Matterhorn Bobsled memories. Disneyland − The Nickel Tour. The Outer Limits Flight of Fear at Paramount’s Kings Island +fact sheet. Auction provides keepsakes of Kiddieland (Frank Sauzer’s Kiddieland). TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. Who was T.L. Stine? 1996 photo round-up. [Front cover: Santa Fe and Disneyland train. Back cover: Walt Disney’s Disneyland as seen from the air in 1955]. [visit NAPHA]