NAPHA010[Magazine Vol.2/No.4: July-August 1980. 22x28cm − 8 Pages − 9 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Riverview Park’s Bobs – a comprehensive description of the Chicago roller coaster. Wooden roller coaster for Great America in 1981? New ride – Thunder River at AstroWorld in Texas. Follow-up (Sesame Place, and the Riverview Park sculpture are a reality). Chicago’s Riverview Park nostalgia show. Top 15 / top roller coasters list. Mill Chutes – last 7 in the US. Magic Springs’ “Roaring Tornado” looping roller coaster and “Sky Hook” tower ride at the State-Fair in Texas. Thank you John Jurica. Top 10 steel roller coasters. Canada’s Wonderland / new park +latest news. Letters to the editor (including Euclid Beach Park and Springlake Amusement Park). Editor’s note. Please write. Join NAPHA now. [Back cover: Aerial view showing six wooden roller coasters at Chicago’s Riverview Park]. [visit NAPHA]