[Magazine Vol.39/No.3: 2017. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Krug Park ­– Omaha, Nebraska (a 5-page feature about the amusement park’s rides and attractions, including the 1930 Big Dipper roller coaster derailment). Looking back to 1927 (2 pages: ­roller coasters opening that year). Amusement Park Anniversaries: Tuscora Park in Ohio =110, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in California =110, Clementon Lake Park in New Jersey =110, Hersheypark in Pennsylvania =110, Canobie Lake Park in New Hampshire =115, Conneaut Lake Park in Pennsylvania =125, and Bay Beach in Wisconsin =125 years-old. Good / bad times (photos: 1909 Whirlwind roller coaster at Coney Island / Whirlwind meets its demise during the 1911 Dreamland fire, Rock Springs’ Old Mill / Old Mill destroyed during 1915 fire, Frederick Road Park’s Dips roller coaster / Dips damaged during 1923 fire). Haunting Memories (photos: “Fun Factory” at Cincinnati’s Coney Island in Ohio, “Buster Brown’s Castle” at Melville Park in New Jersey, “Laff In The Dark” at Ponchartrain Beach in New Orleans, and “Bug House” at Crystal Beach Park in Ontario). Giggles and Grins – amusement park humour and oddities. International Amusements (photos: Prater Park’s “Sport Automobile Caroussel”, Bi-plane “Circle Swing” at an unidentified park in Japan during the 1920s, “Figure Eight” roller coaster and pier at Skegness, and a “Figure Eight” coaster at Luna Park in Bucharest during the 1910s). Fun-in-the-Dark – night time photos. Roller coasters forgotten: Shellpot Park’s “Wildcat,” Pleasure Island Amusement Zone’s (Port Arthur, Texas) 1913 roller coaster, Starlight Park’s “Giant Coaster”, and the “Figure Eight” at Tuscora Park. Editor’s page (Coney Island’s Cyclone turns 90 this year, with this in mind, Jim Abbate details the five longest operating roller coasters at New York’s Coney Island). NAPHA visited England in 1992 (1 page: photos and observations from 25 years ago). [Front cover: The Ultimate at Lightwater Valley. Back cover: An on-ride look of the Rocket roller coaster at Ocean View Park]. [visit NAPHA]