NAPHA230[Magazine Vol.39/No.2: 2017. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Mountain Ride – Detroit (1 page: the Ingersoll-Gaukler Co. castle-themed roller coaster of 1914). Lake Woods Park (2 pages about the short-lived amusement park located in Gary, Indiana). Looking back to 1917 (news: a sample of parks, coasters and other attractions opening that year). People of the Parks – Adrianne White Rhodes (2 pages: Lake Winnepesaukah’s owner talks about her park, its history, her family and the future). Farcical Frivolity (1 page: amusement park humour and oddities). Good / bad times (photos: Sky Rocket roller coaster at Ocean View Park / Rocket coaster partially razed following filming of the 1978 movie “The Death Of Ocean View Park”, Four Mile Creek’s roller coaster / coaster damaged by 1915 flood, Fontaine Ferry Park’s Velvet Racer triple-racing coaster / Velvet Racer damaged during 1937 flood). Edgewater Park – Through the Years (1 page detailing the park’s single wooden coaster and its many name changes). Haunting Memories (photos: “Hilarity Hall” at Summit Beach Park in Ohio, “Laughing Gallery” at Wheeling Park in West Virginia, “Pretzel Ride” at Toledo Beach in Ohio, and “Fun House” at White City in Massachusetts). Revere Beach – Gulliver’s Travels (1 page about the 1921 walk-through attraction). International Amusements (photos: recreation ground in Port Said, Egypt in 1915, Autobaan ride in the Netherlands during the 1950s, Crazy House at Butlin’s Amusement Park in Felixstowe, and roller coaster and Helter Skelter at Fun City in Edinburgh during the 1930s). Fun-in-the-Dark – night time photos. Roller coasters forgotten: Orcutt Lake Park’s roller coaster, Maple Leaf Park’s “Figure Eight,” Idlewild Park’s (formerly Roseville Park) “Figure Eight,” and the “Wildcat” at Hershey Park. Editor’s page (Jim Abbate reflects on his amusement park enthusiasm of 40 years ago). Brian Butko’s book “Kennywood Behind The Screams” (advertisement). [Front cover: The Big Beast at Edgewater Park in 1981. Back cover: Aerial view of the Cannon Ball roller coaster at Lake Winnepesaukah]. [visit NAPHA]