NAPHA229[Magazine Vol.39/No.1: 2017. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Central Park in San Francisco (3 pages about the amusement park which also saw the location of George Cornelius Tilyou’s second Steeplechase ride). Looking back to 1907 (news: a sample of parks and coasters opening that year). Coney Island – Steeplechase Park Fire (2 pages reporting on the inferno of Sunday, 28 July, 1907). Hurdle Autos at Chutes Park in Chicago (1 page: the Hurdle Autos automobile ride of 1907). Good / bad times (photos: Florida beach amusement area / 1964 Florida beach Ferris wheel damaged by Hurricane Dora, Edgewater Park’s roller coaster / 1955 coaster and rides in flames, and Ferris wheel at Dinosaur Planet Park in Bangkok / 2016 cabin atop Ferris wheel in flames following a thunderstorm). Over the Great Divide (the 1907 Scenic Railway at Dreamland in Coney Island, including details of the 1907 derailment). Haunting Memories (photos: “The House That Jack Built” at Crystal Beach in Ontario, “House of Mystery” at Excelsior Park in Minnesota, “Laff in the Dark” at Cincinnati’s Coney Island, and “Casper’s Ghostland” at Palisades Park in New Jersey). White City at Chestnut Hill (1 page: details of the 1907 electrical storm that set fire to the Pennsylvania amusement park’s roller coaster). International Amusements (photos: children’s roundabout in France in 1910, Switchback at Ocean Beach in Durban, South Africa in 1906, a wooden balancing wheel / Ferris wheel in North Africa in 1908, and the Geister Schloss at Wiener Prater Park in 1955). Fun-in-the-Dark – night time photos. Roller coasters forgotten: Virginia Beach’s “Flying Skyscraper,” Dolles Park’s “Whirlwind,” Venice Pier’s “Scenic Railway,” and the “Sky Rocket” at Waverly Beach in Wisconsin. Editor’s page (Jim Abbate details the lineage of the IAAPA organization). Image potpourri: the old parks and rides of Missouri. [Front cover: 1907 Shoot-the-Chutes at Vanity Fair. Back cover: 1907 World’s Greatest Scenic Railway at Rock Springs Park]. [visit NAPHA]