napha228[Magazine Vol.38/No.6: 2016. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Sauter’s Park (3 pages: three amusement parks – Mannion’s Park, Sauter’s Park and Downs Amusement Park – occupied the same property in St. Louis between 1896 and the 1950s). Looking back to 1946 (news: parks and coasters opening and closing that year). The Aerobat (1 page: Bernard B. Pewitt’s Vertical And Horizontal Axis Roundabout). People of the Parks – Nick Paradise (3 pages: Kennywood’s Director of Public Relations discusses his life, interests and his experiences at Kennywood). Good / bad times (photos: San Francisco’s Chutes Park in 1909 / 1911 Chutes Park fire aftermath, Kennywood’s Ghost Ship dark ride in 1967 / 1975 Ghost Ship engulfed in flames, and Willow Grove Airships ride / the same ride in flames). Miss Rockaway – The Summer Girl of the Rockaways (1 page: the colossal “Miss Rockaway” figurehead constructed at L.A. Thompson Park in 1923). Haunting Memories (photos: “Bluebeard’s Palace” at Revere Beach in Massachusetts, “Katzenjammer Castle” at Wildwood in Minnesota, “Crazy Crystals” mirror maze at Palisades Park in New Jersey, and the “House of Nemo” walk-through at Electric Park in Detroit). George Francis Myers’ 1902 Cannon Coaster (1 page: including the 1903 “Leap The Gap” coaster). International Amusements (photos: Ferris wheel in Nizhny-Novgorod in 1902, Caterpillar, Ferris wheel and roller coaster at Luna Park Hong Kong in 1950, Mystery Room at Gorky Park in the 1930s, and a wooden Ferris wheel at Schaukeln Park Bosnia in 1910). Fun-in-the-Dark – night time photos. Roller coasters forgotten: Washington Park’s “Figure Eight”, Lake Manawa’s “Figure 8”, East End Park’s “Figure Eight” in Tennessee, and the “Figure Eight” at Lakeside Park in New York. Editor’s page. Image potpourri: the lost parks of Michigan. [Front cover: Circle Swing at Geauga Lake Park in 1946. Back cover: Million Dollar Coaster at Rocky Glen Park]. [visit NAPHA]