napha226[Magazine Vol.38/No.4: 2016. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Rainbow Pleasure Wheel (3 pages: Arthur Stott’s 1911 patent for an ‘Endless Pleasure Railway’ and the installations at Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Spanish City at Whitley Bay). Looking back to 1936 (a snapshot of news, rides and coasters opening that year). Through the Years at Salisbury Beach (+the Giant Thriller, Skyrocket, Wildcat and Comet coasters). What is it? (2-page picture puzzle). Good / bad times (photos: Michigan’s AutoWorld in 1984 =open / 1997 =demolished, Roller Coaster at Joyland in Kansas in 1980 / Roller Coaster demolition in 2015, and Pomona County Fairgrounds in 1955 / Ferris Wheel rescue during 1956 incident). 1926 Coney Island property sold (details how the Giant Racer’s plot made way for the Cyclone). Haunting memories (photos: “Dead of Night” at the Canadian National Exhibition in 1982, “Laff-in-the-Dark” at Rocky Springs Park, “Monster’s Den” at Lakemont Park, and the dark ride at Martha Pera Woodward’s Park in 1982). Amusement parks’ anniversaries. International Amusements (photos: “Scenic Railway” at Luna Park Berlin in 1910, wooden coaster at Luna Park Rotterdam in the 1920s, “Montagnes Russes” operating on a Paris street in 1925, and “Kunstilche Gebirgsbahn” at Amerikanischer Vergnugungspark Germany in 1908). Fun-in-the-Dark – night time photos. Roller coasters forgotten (the “Bomber” at Rainbow Gardens, Stock’s Scenic Amusement Park’s “Scenic Toboggan”, Keuka Lake Park’s “Figure 8”, and the “Brandywine Express” / “Main Line Express” at Main Line Park). Editor’s page. Image potpourri: the lost parks of New Jersey. [Front cover: The Wildcat at Elitch Gardens in 1990. Back cover: An elevated view of the Dips coaster at the West Virginia State Fair]. [visit NAPHA]