VHS_MoreBobloMemories[VHS: Lawicki Productions, Inc. – 1995 – 42 mins]. “Cruising down the river, dancing ’til your feet got numb. Ah… Boblo Memories.” Return to the carefree days of summer and the unique pastime of taking a steamboat ride down the Detroit River to the island amusement park. Though the island park and the steamboat rides have become another part of the Great Lakes area history, this is your ticket to revisit that special place and time. Chapter Points: Boblo Memories; Let’s Twist Again; History; More Memories; 1991; 1992; Farewell. ANDY SHINE SAYS: Boblo Island (Amherstburg, Ontario) operated from 1898 until 1993. Here we see various shows, shops, games of skill, and Boblo Bear! Roller coasters: Sky Streek, Screamer, Little Dipper and Galaxie. Other rides: Falling Star, Carousel, Log Flume, Antique Cars, Pirate Ship, Sky Tower, Fort Fun (children’s rides), etc. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.