DVD_MeyersLakeParkTheStoryContinues[DVD: Russell-Kelleher Productions – 1992 – 100 mins]. (2 of 2 / Two programmes on one DVD). Just the mention of Meyers Lake Park (Canton, Ohio) brings a tear to the eye and wonderful memories of the Comet, the Rocket Ride, the Carousel and dancing under the stars at the Moonlight Gardens. Come back with us again to the glorious 1950s and 1960s when you were young and Meyers Lake Park was the place to be. Includes the 50-minute programme: ‘Amusement Park Memories’ which takes a nostalgic look at: Kennywood, West View Park, Willow Grove Park, Palisades Park, Idora Park, Meyers Lake Park, Coney Island Cincinnati and Coney Island New York. ANDY SHINE SAYS: Two enjoyable, well put together programmes. The second programme is marvellous, containing much archive footage of parks and rides long gone. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Excellent.

  • how can i get a dvd of meyers lake park

    • Both DVDs, “Meyers Lake Park: The Story Begins” and “Meyers Lake Park: The Story Continues” may be purchased here for $25 each. DVDs concerning Euclid Beach Park and Idora Park may be bought from here too. Just point your mouse to…