IRememberSunnyside[Book: Mike Filey – 1996 – 21x28cm – 144 Pages – Many B&W photos]. From 1922 until 1955, Toronto’s Sunnyside Amusement Park (Canada), complete with its rides, stage shows and dance halls, was the “Disney World” of its day. By the mid-1950s however, Toronto was experiencing a change. It wanted to be like New York City, and if that was to happen, Sunnyside would have to go. An expanded Lake Shore Boulevard and a new Frederick G. Gardiner Expressway ripped the heart out of Sunnyside. Chapter Points: Early Toronto Amusement Parks; John George Howard’s Sunnyside; The Birth of Sunnyside Amusement Park; The Golden Years; The Death of Sunnyside; As Others Pictured Sunnyside. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.