DasOktoberfest[Book: Michael Molin – 1985 – 25x32cm – 114 Pages – Full colour]. A rare book celebrating the München Oktoberfest. Begins with a brief history of Oktoberfest and how the celebration was started. Continues with a look at amusement ride construction, followed by chapters about Culture, Beer, Food, Musical Entertainment, Costume and Events. With numerous photographs of beer tents and people having fun. Back to the rides, and some world-renown roller coasters are featured, including: Herhaus’ Himalayabahn and Barth’s Doppel Looping. Gentler rides are documented: Electro Krinoline, Toboggan, Ferris Wheel, and the Wave Swinger. Motorcycle riding (Wall of Death) is detailed, as well as chapters about the flea circus, the circus, papier mache sculpture, and travelling-ride art. German script throughout. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair.