AltonTowersPastAndPresent[Book: Michael Fisher – 2009 – 17x25cm – 194 Pages – Many B&W photos and drawings]. Alton Towers (England) is now known as the backdrop to a theme park. This work traces the history and development of this Gothic-revival mansion and its gardens. Selected Chapter Points: Alveton Lodge. Alton Abbey: Entrance Hall; Family Rooms; Long Gallery & Great Drawing Room – Evolution of the ‘T-Room;’ Conservatory; South Entrance & Eastern Range. The Towers: Gallery Range; New Chapel; Romantic Interiors. Earl & Architect; Pugin at Alton: Talbot Gallery; The Octagon; The Grand Talbot; Doria Rooms; The Defence of Alton Towers; Great Dining Room; The ‘New Rooms’ & South Facade; Kitchens & Servants’ Quarters; Interior Decorations; Heating Systems & Glass; Garden Buildings; Railway & Lodges; The Towers Chapel; Ruins & Restoration. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.