HistoricFairgroundScenes[Book: Michael E. Ware – 1977 – 20x25cm – 98 Pages – Many B&W photos]. It is possible to trace the origins of the fair to Roman times. The earliest fairs were markets, and into these marketplaces came acrobats, jugglers and fortune tellers. Not until the 1820s did we see the travelling sideshow and menagerie. Later came steam power, and before long, electricity brightened the scene. Chapter Points: Introduction; The Tober; The Rides; The Shows; Building Up and Pulling Down; Power on the Road and for the Rides; Living Wagons; Permanent Fairground Sites (Gt. Yarmouth, British Empire Exhibition, Great Exhibition at Wembley, Earls Court, The Kursaal, Southport); Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.