KishacoquillasPark[Book: Paul T. Fagley – 2012 – 22x28cm – 372 Pages – Many B&W and colour photos]. “For many present and former Mifflin Countians, Kishacoquillas Park (Lewistown, Pennsylvania) was a place of childhood memories, of riding the vintage merry-go-round, of the Comet [wooden] roller coaster, or a dip in the pool. Maybe it was driving those little tractors around a dirt track, or cranking a handcar around the loop. Maybe you remember roller skating or dancing in the ballroom, or enjoying the music of a big band. Maybe it was hitting a ball around the mini-golf, or slugging a baseball in one of the athletic fields. These are just some of the memories of our hometown park – Kishacoquillas Park…” Chapter Points: Preface (Foreword, Acknowledgements); Introduction; Dedication; Prologue (The Era of Trolley Parks, The Trolley Company); The Trolley Company Years (Central Park 1900–1901, Gibboney Park Co-Lease 1902, Burnham Park 1904–1915, New Burnham Park 1916–1918, Kishacoquillas Park 1919–1930); The Depression Years (Arthur Jarvis 1931–1939); The World War II Years (James and John Moren 1940–1946); The Post-War Years (Russell and Fisher Families 1947–1953); The Miller Family Years (Miller Family 1954–1972, Gallery of the Park, The Rides, The Activities, The Agnes Flood of 1972); The Derry Township Years (Derry Township Ownership 1974–Present, Derry Township Community Park – 1988); Epilogue; Bibliography; Appendix (Movies Shown in the Open Air Theatre); Indices (Index of Bands and Musical Groups, Index); About the Author. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.