HeartStoppingRollerCoasters[Book: Meish Goldish – 2010 – 21x26cm – 26 Pages – Full colour]. Want to take a ride you’ll never forget? Then hop aboard the biggest, fastest -and scariest- roller coasters in the world. From the towering Kingda Ka, to the giant Steel Dragon 2000, you’ll soon discover why they’re called “scream machines”! Chapter Points: The First Coasters in America; Kingda Ka; Steel Dragon 2000; The Beast; Millennium Force; Superman-The Escape; American Eagle; The Riddler’s Revenge; Tatsu; More Big Rides: (Beijing’s 682ft/208m Great Wheel – Australia’s 390ft/119m Giant Drop – The 135ft/41m Brazilian waterslide, Insano – China’s 650ft/198m Macau Tower Bungee jump); Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended for children.