AmazingAmusementParkRidesGoldish[Book: Meish Goldish – 2011 – 21x26cm – 24 Pages – Full colour]. Some amusement park rides are so extraordinary it’s hard to grasp their incredible size and speed – unless you have something to compare them to. For example, the Steel Dragon 2000 roller coaster has an 8,133ft (2,479m) track. How long is that? If laid end to end it would stretch across 27 football fields. Look inside for more comparisons and find out just how big and fast amusement park rides around the world truly are. Chapter Points: Big Thrills; Steel Dragon 2000; The Singapore Flyer; The Giant Drop (Australia); Slingshot; Delirium (Kings Island); The Crypt (Kings Dominion); Jurassic Park – The Ride (Universal Studios Hollywood); Insano (Water Ride in Brazil); Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair for children.