DVD_MegaSnake[DVD: Sci-Fi Channel – 2007 – 86 mins]. In 1986 East Tennessee, the father of Duff and Lester Daniels is killed by a snake’s bite during a cultish ceremony. Two decades later, Duff steals a rare and dangerous Unteka snake from dealer Screamin’ Hawk and takes it home. However, he accidentally drops the vessel the Unteka is kept in and it escapes, murders and grows exponentially. Now it is up to Les, Screamin’ Hawk and company to save the town from Mega Snake! (Language selection: Thai or English / Optional subtitles: Thai or English). ANDY SHINE SAYS: The final 15 minutes are set at the ‘East Tennessee County Fair’ which is, in fact, Sofia Land (Sofia, Bulgaria) which closed in 2006 before this film was released. CGI Mega Snake bites the heads from thrill seeking riders, etc. and wreaks havoc in a mock-shock manner. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair.