BeyondTheCastleEnchantedForest[Book: Mavis Tofte – 2002 – 14x22cm – 194 Pages – Many colour photos]. Nestled in the hills south of Salem, Oregon, is a unique tourist attraction called the Enchanted Forest. It has a quaint charm not often seen in most large conglomerate theme parks. This is the oldest family owned theme park in Oregon, and travellers are in for a special treat when they visit this gem found in the hills south of the State’s Capitol City. Chapter Points: Foreword (Roger Tofte); Discovering the Lower Trail; Tofteville; The Haunted House; Fairweather Theater; Big Timber Log Ride; Ice Mountain; The Old World Village; The Moods of Fantasy Fountains; Mother Nature; Rides For the Young & More; Looking Back; New Visions. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.