Carneskys[Book: Marisa Carnesky – 2008 – 10x16cm – 24 Pages – Few illustrations]. Co-written by Natasha Davis, Rasp Thorne & Bob Karper, and details the story (and victims) behind Blackpool’s (UK) darkride. “Not such a long time ago, in a small country not very far away, there came to be a terrible war. Fire ravaged city citadels and orchards, and people were stricken with fright… Some of the daughters of this ransacked nation decided to flee but they had no means. No money, no passports, no goods left to barter, they found their only route of escape was to smuggle themselves onto a night train. Once boarded, the train mysteriously vanished and the daughters were never seen again… Folklore has it that this train was not of this world, that it was in fact a Ghost Train sent by the spirits to deliver the daughters from terror. Some people say they were already dead…” ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair.