SanFranciscianaWoodwardsGardens[Book: Marilyn Blaisdell – 2012 – 20x18cm – 64 Pages – Many B&W photos, few colour images]. Woodward’s Gardens – San Francisco’s first amusement park – has been mostly forgotten. It was a combination of zoo, museum and amusement park in a beautiful garden setting. Thousands visited to enjoy the surroundings and to learn more about their world. The gardens’ motto was “Education, Recreation and Amusement.” Admission was 25-cents for adults and 10-cents for children. There were Sunday hot-air balloon rides and the ever-popular “Rotary Boat” – a circular boat with multiple billowing sails that rotated on a track in a circular lake, carrying up to one hundred people for a fun ride. Robert B. Woodward kept things new and interesting, and he was often called the “Barnum of the West.” ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.