[Book: Sacha Szabo – 2017 – 20x21cm – 176 Pages – Many B&W and colour postcard images]. “Luna Parks: On the Trail of a Forgotten Pleasure. Luna Parks – while still prevalent at the beginning of the 20th century, have now disappeared from the scene of leisure and amusement culture. There were almost a dozen such parks in Germany alone. The Hugo-Haase-Park in Hamburg and the Luna Park Hamburg-Altona existed simultaneously with the parks in Dortmund, Köln and Leipzig. In Berlin from the beginning of the century to the Second World War there existed three such parks. Sacha Szabo has lovingly prepared this piece of culture and compiled a wide range of sources and pictures. He asks: What makes these parks uniquely different, and how and why did they disappear from the German cities? He takes the reader on an exciting trip of discovery to the very origins of these special meeting places, which – unlike today’s theme parks – were dominated by dancing, beer halls and public bars and which were an integral part of urban entertainment culture.” Chapter Points: Introduction; Nymphenburg National Park in Munich – The Beginnings of the Amusement Park Culture; Coney Island – A Place of Excitement; Urban Sensations – American Amusement Park Köln; The Three Luna Parks – The Amusement Mecca of The 20th Century; Thrill Seeking A Hundred Years Ago – The Luna Parks in Hamburg; Out Into The Greenery – The Luna Park Dortmund Fredenbaum; Water Fun in the Luna Park – The Luna Park Leipzig-Wahren; Luna Park or National Park? – The Park in Leipzig Meusdorf; Experience at the Turn of the Century – The Luna Park in Dresden; An Archaeology of Pleasure; Photo Credits; Acknowledgements. (German script throughout). ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.