[Book: Neil Montagnana-Wallace – 2012 – 26x26cm – 122 Pages – Full colour]. On the 13th December, 1912, Mr Moon opened his giant mouth to St Kilda and thousands of people flocked in. Since that day, Luna Park (Melbourne, Australia) has welcomed millions. With over 100 years of memories, Luna Park has seen many changes, highs, lows and rides throughout its years. Take a step back in time and discover Luna Park’s colourful and glorious past. Read all about how Luna Park came to be Melbourne’s most recognizable icon – meet the Park creators, view the past rides and the amazing carnival acts that once appeared inside Mr Moon’s iconic mouth. Chapter Points: Foreword (by Lindsay Fox, Director, Luna Park, Melbourne); Introduction – 100 Years of Fun; Prelude – A Seaside Escape Pre 1912; 1912-1922 – Opening With A Carnivale (+Scenic Railway, Giggle Palace, River Caves). 1923-1929 – The New Luna Park (+Big Dipper, Sideshows). 1930-1950 – Depression and War Years (+Old St Kilda, the Face, the Towers). 1951-1964 – Post War Excitement (+Rotor, Ghost Train, Carousel). 1965-1996 – Challenging Times Ahead (+Artists’ Muse, Luna Lights, Street Legal [Dodgems]). 1997-2012 – Coming Back (+A Sea of Colour, Public Art, Proud Purple People [the purple uniformed workforce], 21st Century Painting, Lunalicious [food], Interview with Brian Atkins – Restoration Consultant & Mr Maker, Interview with Dick Baird – Consultant Engineer & Ride God, Interview with Nigel Markov – Previous GM & Space Invaders Wizard, Interview with Dennis Marks – Previous Owner & Forward Thinker, Interview with Mark Harrison – Maintenance Manager & Scenic Doctor, Interview with Patricia Mullins – Carousel Restorer & Equine Artist, Interview with Lindsay Fox – Joint Owner & Head of Nostalgia, Interview with Mary Stuart – CEO & Reluctant Rotor Rider). ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Excellent / Recommended.