DVD_LastSummerAtConeyIsland[DVD: Creative Arson Productions – 2010 – 94 mins +extras]. A documentary by J.L. Aronson. “Coney Island is known as the birthplace of the hot dog, the roller coaster and – broadly speaking – popular culture. But Coney Island is not what it used to be and the area has lingered for years as a spectre of its former magnificence. Now, after years of false starts, change is coming. Come Hell or high water, the city of New York is determined to revitalize the once glorious world capital of amusements. Meanwhile, a private developer has been purchasing every square foot of land he can get his hands on. The neighbourhood’s residents along with the millions who cherish Coney Island’s legacy are left wondering what will happen next. This film juxtaposes images of the past and present and features many of the key figures involved in this historic transformation.” ANDY SHINE SAYS: A poignant film. The DVD features 58 minutes of extras. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.