DVD_RememberWhenNatPark[DVD: KSPS Public Television – 1996 – 58 mins]. Remember… Natatorium Park (Spokane, Washington). Times seemed simpler then; there were rides, dances and amusements. It was a place where families and friends played, strolled and picnicked. Nat Park was an idyllic place: from the dance halls to the Midway, with bumper cars and carousel, miniature train and trolleys, where “The Jack Rabbit” and “The Hammer” reigned. From 1889 to 1968, Natatorium Park was a “Spokane” place to be, where fondest memories for many generations were born. Use your television as a time machine and Remember When: Nat Park. (Features optional closed captions). ANDY SHINE SAYS: Tells the story of Nat Park very well, with interviews and plenty of rides footage. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.