RollerCoasterDesignerWernerStengel[Book: Klaus Schützmannsky – 2001 – 23x28cm – 168 Pages – B&W and colour photos and diagrams]. A unique and entertaining compilation of the numerous innovations by civil engineer Werner Stengel, who, in the 1960s transformed the construction of roller coasters all over the world. The first German steel roller coaster was built according to his calculations and in the following years, thanks to Stengel’s unbroken creativity, technical specialties like the famous looping coasters that came to realization. (German script throughout). ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Excellent.

  • Ed

    It is available on Amazon for $900. I would love to read it but cant afford it

  • Björn Brändli

    This book is without a doubt the best book for roller coaster enthusiasts! The insights the book gives are countless. This is as good as it gets!
    Sadly, the only way to get it now is second hand. For some extreme prices!
    I am very happy I picked it up right when it got sold!