JumpOnJumpOn[Book: Brian Steptoe – 1994 – 21x26cm – 144 Pages – Many colour photos]. “Jump On, Jump On: Traditional Fairs and Showmen.” Parents and teenagers, young and old, who remember and enjoy a visit to the fair, will find the fascinating life stories and the history presented here of great interest. There is something in here for you whether you are a member of the public visiting the fair, or a showman, or a fairground enthusiast. Life in the fairground business is portrayed as it really is – hard work for an uncertain financial return. But the heritage associated with the well-turned out, more traditional fair comes across in abundance. The full colour illustrations form a quality record of traditional rides, stalls, transport and living vans as operating in the UK in the 1900s. Chapter Points: Introduction. FAIRS AND FAIRGROUND EQUIPMENT: Origins of Pleasure Fairs; Who made the Equipment; Gallopers Galore; Transport and Living Vans. LIFE WITH THE FAIR: Introduction; A hundred years of memories – Harry Lee; Travelling Wild West Shows – Maggie Bird, nee Shufflebottom; Things are a bit chaotic round here – Anna Carter; Six generations in Sussex – Harris Bros; 0.22 Winchester rifles – Tony Spurrett. LAST SHOW OF THE SEASON: End of the run for the Steam Fair; Back end at Loughborough; A Rebirth. Where to see these fairs; Photographic Section; List of photographs; Bibliography; Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.