EmilysWalk[Book: John Krull – 2002 – 15x22cm – 200 Pages]. Emily Hunt was a lively four-year-old girl who dreamed of being a ballerina. One summer day, on an outing with her sisters, cousins and grandparents at a nearby amusement park, the miniature train they rode went out of control. The accident killed Emily’s grandmother and broke Emily’s neck, leaving her paralysed. The local sheriff’s department discovered that the miniature train was a disaster waiting to happen. Moreover, the train’s state inspection was a farce, the amusement park was negligent and the state could not be sued. This is a true story about a father, driven by the love for his daughter, taking on the state legislature and the governor’s office seeking justice for his family and assurance that nobody else would have to face his family’s tribulations. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.