SerendipityJoeLarter[Book: Joe Larter – 2013 – 17x26cm – 244 Pages – Many B&W, few colour photos]. Joe Larter created Pleasurewood Hills American Theme Park (Lowestoft, England) and Woody Bear. Selected Chapter Points: 1939-1944 – Early Memories and Martham in Wartime. The Family History. 1944-1955 – New Horizons, Growing Up and School. School’s Out – My World turns Upside-Down with a Steep Learning Curve. 1972-1978 – A Sale, a Buyback, Some Lovely Travel and a Marriage! Tales of Gunton, The Old School Henstead, and Charities. Pleasurewood Hills, Woody Bear, the Dutch Visitors, We Go Public, and a Great Wedding. Sealife, Bure Valley Railway, Pleasurewood Hills Sold, a Disaster and a Great Wedding. Seaforths, Dutch Again, Bygone Village, Recovery, Some Fun, and Woody sees off Mr Blobby. India, Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft, a Death and a Great Wedding Again. Family Cavalry to the Rescue in the USA. Epilogue (+family tree). ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.