LD_JetCoasters[Laser Disk: 1989 – 39 mins]. Filmed from the front seat of Japan’s premier ‘Jet Coasters.’ Height and length of each ride is given, and you get an amazing trip. Showing [1]= Bandit (Yomiuriland); [2]= Momonga Standing and Loop Coaster (Yomiuriland); [3]= Rusutsu Corkscrew Coaster (Rusutsu Resort); [4]= Mount Rocky Coaster (Tobu Zoo); [5]= Crazy Mouse (Tobu Zoo); [6]= Giant Coaster (Fuji Q); [7]= Moonsault Scramble (Fuji Q); [8]= Ultra Twister (Nagashima Spaland); [9]= Bobsled (Yokohama Dreamland); [10]= Shuttle Loop (Yokohama Dreamland); [11]= Tornado (Tokyo SummerLand); [12]= Dangai (Thrill Valley). This finishes with a montage of POVs showing riders’ contorted facial expressions! ANDY SHINE SAYS: No narration and no music, just front-seat footage and on-screen statistics. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair.