RollerCoastersJennyMacKay[Book: Jenny MacKay – 2013 – 18x24cm – 112 Pages – Full colour]. “Roller Coasters (Technology 360).” This educational resource uses intriguing photographs and illustrations, visual timelines, fascinating sidebars and fact boxes to complement the text and hold user interest, while ancillary materials such as bibliographies and a subject index help users target their research into roller coaster technology and development. Chapter Points: Foreword; Important dates in the development of roller coasters – 1600s-2011; Introduction – an industry built on adrenalin; Thrill rides – then and now; How coasters roll – the physics of the coaster phenomenon; From blueprint to ride – building a coaster; Experiencing the coaster – what makes riding fun?; Coaster technology of the future; Notes; Glossary; More information; Index; About the author. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.