ThemeParkSafetyFailures[Book: Jeffrey P. Stoneking – 2008 – 15x23cm – 102 Pages]. This book sheds a glaring beacon on issues and incidents that riders and attendees should be made fully aware of – that their lives are at an even greater risk than ever before. Since theme parks are constantly competing against one another with higher, bigger, and faster installations, safety issues are being totally disregarded with virtually no time for error. Warning: ride – and read at your own risk, as thrill rides are becoming kill rides. Chapter Points: Twist and Shout; Never!; Splat; Mousetrap; Identified Flying Objects; It Shouldn’t Do That!; What Goes Up…; Riff Raft; It Happens In 3’s; The “Marvellous” Son of Beast; Too High, Too Fast, Too Soon; A Cursed Name; A Ticket to Die. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.