MeyersLakeRevisited[Book: Jeffrey D. Brown & Raymond D. Fete – 1985 – 21x28cm – 192 Pages – Many B&W photos) Meyers Lake was the social and entertainment centre of eastern Ohio for nearly 100 years. Over its lifespan, Meyers Lake Park (Canton, Ohio) and the surrounding area offered a wider range of attractions, entertainment and recreational outlets than any other park in Ohio. It was an area of natural beauty, with peaceful picnic groves and the tranquil lake. By contrast there was the sound of merriment emanating from the various amusement park rides, including intermittent screams of excitement aboard the Comet roller coaster. Chapter Points: The Early Years 1812-1902; The North Ohio Traction and Light Years 1902-1926; The Sinclair Years 1926-1974; The Sporting Life; A Final Word. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.