PiratesOfTheCaribbean[Book: Jason Surrell – 2006 – 22x28cm – 150 Pages – Full colour]. Read how the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction made the voyage to all four corners of the world – with rare early concept sketches and never-before-published original story concepts. We will also take a virtual tour through the attraction showcasing variations and enhancements at each Disney theme park. Selected Chapter Points: Forewords (Martin A. Sklar and Tom Fitzgerald); Disney and the Magic Kingdom; The Spanish Main: (The Port of New Orleans, Laffite’s Landing, The Blue Bayou, Approaching the Waterfall, Entering the Grotto, Dead Man’s Cove, Hurricane Lagoon, Crew’s Quarters, Treasure Room, Ghostly Grotto, Bombarding the Fort, The Well, The Auction, The Chase, The Burning Town, The Jail, The Arsenal, The Upramp). ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.