LetsGoToTheWhiteCity[Book: James Colello Jr. – 2013 – 22x22cm – 28 Pages – Few B&W and colour images]. During the first two decades of the twentieth century, thousands flocked to an amusement park in Hamilton, New Jersey, seeking thrilling rides and the amenities of Spring Lake. In 1907, C.H. Oberheide (an experienced amusement director) encouraged the creation of a large-scale amusement park. As his vision eventually came to fruition, one of the foremost summer parks of its day offered fireworks displays, band music and dinners at the casino restaurant. It was a place of enjoyment where revellers rode the carousel, circle swing, shoot-the-chute, the C.R. Cook-designed and built Figure 8 roller coaster, and more. Chapter Points: Introduction; History of the Land; Spring Lake Park; White City Park; The Lake Area; The Life of White City Park; The Demise of the White City; Addendum; Acknowledgments; Photo Credits; About the Author. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.