RollerCoasterFever[Book: John Waldrop, Richard Munch, and Jon-Michael Reed – 1979/80 – 21x27cm – 100 Pages – Many colour photos]. A rare book investigating all the thrills of coaster riding. Chapter Points: Why Ride a Roller Coaster? The Rise and Fall and Rise of Roller Coasters; Types of Coasters; Coaster Location Maps; The Experts Pick the 15 Most Exciting; A Colour Photo Review; Coast to Coast Coaster Directory; Making the Most of Your Ride; Cyclone Cloning: Did History Repeat Itself? Killers or Pussycats, How Safe are Coasters? Catching the Fever; The Great American Coaster Revival; Endangered Species; Marathoning Tips; The Classics: Gone But Not Forgotten; From the Ground Up. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.