DerWienerPraterIoA[Book: Ingeborg Haas – 2010 – 17x24cm – 130 Pages – Many B&W photos]. The unique atmosphere of the Viennese Prater (Austria) attracts both locals and tourists alike. The former imperial hunting ground is a Viennese institution. The restaurant owners, entrepreneurs, showmen and their attractions have remained for generations, so enjoy an exciting journey through one-and-a-half centuries of history. Selected Chapter Points: The Prater (introduction); Sport in the Prater; Venice in Vienna; Ferris Wheel – Liliputbahn; Hutsch’n and Rutsch’n; Hochschaubahn – Grottenbahn – Geisterbahn; Fun and Viennese Cosiness; Theatre and Circus World; From the World’s Fair to the Viennese Fair. (German script throughout). ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.