VHS_IRememberCrystalBeach[VHS: WEX Studio – 1998 – 66 mins]. Twelve years in the making, “I Remember Crystal Beach” is your ticket to delicious thrills and fond memories. The Comet, Giant Coaster, Laff in the Dark, Magic Palace, Hall’s Suckers, and the Crystal Beach Ballroom are all here waiting for you! Seen through the eyes of a filmmaker and park enthusiast, this film depicts the yearly cycle of Crystal Beach Amusement Park. Experience the park covered in snow, spring preparations, a day in the park, night time, and the park’s final closing after 101 years of thrilling its guests. Historical events include renewed boat service from Buffalo, the reopening of the Dance Hall, a backwards Comet coaster, and most sadly, Crystal Beach’s final destruction. Filmed year round from 1981 through 1991, filmmaker Tim Wagner captured the last decade of Crystal Beach Park on film. Two years were spent editing this priceless footage. The end result is the most comprehensive film of the park in operation. More than a documentary, this film captures the heart and soul of a very special place. It will bring a smile to your face, laughter to your heart, and tears to your eyes. ANDY SHINE SAYS: I enjoyed this enormously. It’s always a shame to see amusement parks meet with the wrecking ball, especially after surviving for so long. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.

  • Derek Sailors

    This was a fantastic video. Very relaxing and enjoyable to watch. A good deal of general park footage but what I enjoyed most was the close up and even the behind the scenes filming of the Comet and the Giant Coaster. Be sure and add this one to your collection. I rate this video 8.5/10.