DVD_IKirmesJust-Ride[DVD: iKirmes.com – 2011 – 104 mins +extras]. (6 of 6). Programme 1 (45 mins) features: Air Crash; Rocket (Inverting Star Flyer); Flip Fly; XXL; Booster Maxxx; Breakdance; Circus Circus; Hexentanz; Das Fun Schiff; Europa Rad; Jupiter Rad; Action House (Fun House). Programme 2 (41 mins) features: Spinning Racer; Alpina Bahn; Teststrecke; Olympia Looping; Euro Coaster; Crazy Mouse; Take Off; Flipper; Alpha 1; Octopussy; Air Maxx; Star Flyer 48. Programme 3 (18 mins) features the time-lapse build-up of a giant wheel and ‘The Tower’ (observation walk-through and bar). Extras include more than 400 images featuring transportable amusement rides and roller coasters. With optional English and German subtitles. ANDY SHINE SAYS: ‘Rocket’ is a ride concept I didn’t know existed. I particularly enjoyed the fun house footage and time-lapse featurette. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.