DVD_IKirmesFunfairRidesAndCoasters[DVD: iKirmes.com – 2004 – 138 mins]. (2 of 6). Featuring: Revolution; Shaker; Countdown; Fun Factory; Bayern Breaker; Imperator; Musik Express 3000; Circus Circus; Eclypse; Skyrider II; Turbo Star; Fliegender Teppich; Techno Power; Power Tower 2; Breakdance #1; Tornado; High Energy (Contact); Happy Traveller; X Factor; Wellenflug; Ikarus Der Mythos; Super Schunkler; Sweety Star; Super Passat; (Huss) Booster; High Energy (Star Shape); Take Off; Scream; Big Monster; Sombrero; Hully Gully; Calypso; Sprungschanze; Euro Star; Cool & Fresh; Spinning Racer; Super Mouse; River Rafting; Power Shot; Space Roller; Jumping; Sound Factory; Speedy. +650 ride photos! ANDY SHINE SAYS: The optional subtitles will tell you all you need to know! ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.