DVD_RCAdventures4[DVD: Horse Creek Productions – 2002 – 60 mins]. (4 of 7) This volume takes us all over the planet in search of the latest and greatest roller coaster thrills! Showing: X; Air; Incredible Hulk; Dueling Dragons; Superman Ultimate Flight; Georgia Scorcher; Mind Bender; Zeus; Cornball Express; Jeremy Reid’s (Home-made) Backyard Coaster; Batman Knight Flight; Primeval Whirl; Talon; Steel Force; Hercules; Laser; Excalibur. ANDY SHINE SAYS: This home-produced programme kept me entertained, and the narration includes some interesting viewpoints and useful snippets of information. Some of the footage is pretty average; however, the majority of the film is pleasant enough to watch. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.