DVD_HeritageUSA[DVD: Horse Creek Productions – 2005 – 106 mins +extras]. Located in Fort Mill, South Carolina, was once the #3 most visited theme park in America, attracting over six million visitors in the ’80s. Now years after the collapse of the PTL Ministry which owned the park, Heritage sits abandoned and rotting away. Take a tour of the grounds, and see the before-and-after pictures and footage of some of its buildings and attractions, including Heritage USA Water Park, the “Barn” auditorium, The Upper Room, King’s Castle, Heritage Inn, arcades and other rides and attractions as they look today. Bonus feature: Jim Bakker (televangelist) 1985 interview. ANDY SHINE SAYS: A camcorder tour of the grounds, etc. with on-screen captions. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.