DVD_FrontSeatThrills1[DVD: Horse Creek Productions – 2003 – 53 mins]. (1 of 2) Take a front seat ride on 35 roller coasters: Superman Ride Of Steel; Ozark Wildcat; The Legend; Raven; Nemesis Inferno; Wolverine Wildcat; Shivering Timbers; Speed The Ride; Great White; Hoosier Hurricane; Cornball Express; Colossus (Ten Inversions!); Wild Thing; The Boss; Wildfire; Air; Son of Beast; Expedition GeForce; Top Gun, The Jet Coaster; Hurricane, Category 5; GhostRider; X-Flight; Nitro; Excalibur; Lightning Racer; Blue Streak; Mantis; Mean Streak; Millennium Force; Top Thrill Dragster; Drachen Fire; Timber Wolf; Volcano The Blast Coaster; Joker’s Jinx; Cheetah. ANDY SHINE SAYS: Just what it says in the title; no frills, no narration and no music – and occasionally no sound at all – just front seat coaster footage. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair.