DVD_FrontSeatThrills2[DVD: Horse Creek Productions – 2004 – 52 mins]. (2 of 2) Featuring a front seat ride aboard 35 roller coasters: Talon; Hercules; Steel Force; Thunder Hawk; Laser; Raging Bull; Superman, Ultimate Flight; Iron Wolf; Viper; Batman; Stunt Fall; Hangman; Goliath; CoasterSaurus; Magnum XL-200; Wild Wild West; Steel Eel; Incredible Hulk; Dueling Dragons (Ice); Dueling Dragons (Fire); Bandit (Japan); Crazy Mouse (Japan); Moonsault Scramble (Japan); Ultra Twister (Japan); Shuttle Loop (Japan); Gwazi; Montu; Tennessee Tornado; Medusa; Silver Star; Twister; Phoenix; Jack Rabbit; Thunderbolt; Cannon Ball. ANDY SHINE SAYS: Just what it says in the title; no frills, no narration and no music – and occasionally no sound at all – just front seat coaster footage. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair.