DVD_IdoraParkHoldWithBothHands[DVD: Ed Learner – 1991 – 72 mins]. Hold on with both hands and enjoy the sights of Idora Park (Youngstown, Ohio). At last, the largest collection of movie film and photographic highlights ever assembled on “Youngstown’s Million Dollar Playground.” Compiled from over fifty private collections. Also includes slides, postcards, vintage ads, souvenirs, tickets, memorabilia, and on-board film footage. The film traces the changes and development of Idora Park over the years from its opening as “Terminal Park” in 1899 to its final days in 1984. ANDY SHINE SAYS: Features some nice footage aboard the coasters, although there’s very little narration, which is a shame. Idora visitors will find this programme of interest and with a high nostalgia factor. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair.